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About Aaron Boyd

While probably best known for the song “God Of This City”, written in a brothel in Thailand during a mission trip, Aaron Boyd continues to live out his vision for worship + music + justice. Not believing we’re merely called to write great songs, play them in churches and enjoy God’s presence, Aaron Boyd believes we are to live integrated, whole lives – where worship invades all we are and do – so we can begin to experience the wholeness of life God intends for us. As we choose to live worshipful lives, it follows that the natural gifts God’s given us are magnified for His glory, fame and renown.

For Aaron, he sees this first in music. This experience of Aaron Boyd’s music may well be loud, bold and energetic. It may also be soft and so quiet you can hear the heart beat of the person beside you. You may be blown away by the powerful thud of the kick drum or the hypnotic wail of the electric guitars. However, if this is all you experience then your time with us may very well have been wasted. Through all the noises and beats, all the melodies and harmonies, what we want you to experience is the overwhelming presence of God. Forget the lights, the stage, the people around you. Forget the sound system assaulting your body with so much bass you feel like you’re being punched in the chest – and lose yourself in worship. Worship of the Almighty.

Aaron’s heart is to see people trained and released in their giftings. We do that by mentoring & encouraging others back home in Ireland, and also giving worship & creative team workshops as we travel. In turn, we are encouraged and inspired to continue worshiping and creating music that both glorifies God and pushes the boundaries of what is and can be worship music.

And our response to worship is mission and justice, taking all that we have and allowing others who do not have to benefit. We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and bring injustice from the darkness into the light. As an expression of the Church, Aaron Boyd gets to inspire and challenge people, meeting together to worship, and delivering justice. With Boyd being father to three young daughters, much of his justice focus has been on sexual abuse and human trafficking – exposing the evil, rescuing the victims, and bringing them life as God intends for all of us.


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