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About Passion in Clay

Internationally acclaimed sculptor, author and educator Peter Rubino has developed a divinely inspired sculpting performance titled “Passion In Clay”. His 15 minute, extreme sculpting in action presentation offers believers a rare spiritual enriching experience as they witness a 200 lb. monumental clay bust of Jesus come to life before their eyes. Peter feels that God has bestowed the gift of artistic talent upon him for the purpose of bringing people to Jesus through his Passion Performances and works of sacred art. He recently created a contemporary sculpture of a life size statue of Jesus in opened arm welcome for display in various church environments and prayer garden settings. A life size Crucifixion is in the planning stages.

Peter has been called to create sculptural expressions of love and peace through out his long, illustrious career. Examples are a 12 foot historic bronze monument “Mother Of All Life” which graces the Boyko Research Center. This is the first sculpture of it’s kind in the Holy Land representing the biblical character Eve. His 35 foot statue “Archangel” created for the Disney company, was a daunting undertaking and a truly remarkable artistic achievement. Peter’s patriotic sculpture “Remembrance” in honor of America’s Fallen Heroes and Gold Star Families, is an enduring national symbol of freedom, duty, sacrifice, and service.

Before becoming a sculptor Peter was pursuing an acting career and it was at that time when he was called to write, produce and portray Christ in a 30 second Television Public Service Announcement. This was the first TV appearance of the Prince of Peace during a time of war shown delivering His message with an evocative question “Is This What He Had In Mind In The Beginning”.

Peter is passionate about and purpose driven to create spiritually relevant art and share his God given talents to celebrate the gospel and make Jesus known in a truly unique and compelling way. “Art speaks in ways that words cannot express” Peter Rubino


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